We are who we have been waiting for on this planet. We are the Alien ET UFO Generation. We were born in a time called the "Baby Boomer Generation" and now our children are the "Crystal-Indigo Generati
The mountainous area located between the communities of Aznalcollar - El Alamo - El Castillo de las Guardas, amid the Sierra Morena, corresponds to a vast woodland area that extends some 6000 hectares
Exclusive analysis demonstrates involvement of at least one United States Navy SEAL in what is reportedly the CIA-backed contract killing of a Canadian Forces member at the National War Memorial.
One of the perks of being a UFO journalist is that publishers are sometimes eager to send me free review copies of their latest releases. Recently, I was very pleasantly surprised to receive an unsoli
Ocean acidification leads to release of less dimethyl sulphide (DMS) by plankton. DMS shields Earth from radiation. (Nature Climate Change, online 25 August 2013). Plankton form the base of the marine
It was early April 1994 in Cortland Manor, NY. It was about 10 p.m., Emily, her mother and five siblings were watching television. “All of a sudden there was a loud humming sound, the house started vi
Considering that my field of academic expertise is Pagan Religions and Medieval Rites, the study of animal mutilation by unknown sources has come across my investigative career as an uninvited and cer
Musings on High Probability of Life in the Universe and the Possible Dangers of Making Contact with an Extraterrestrial Civilization
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