Want to meet some of the most influential people studying ufology today? Get out to Galena, IL, May 28-31, for the Illinois Mutual UFO Network (MUFON
Google made it easier to take a stroll on Mars with it's "Google Mars". Similar to Google Maps, Google Mars allows users to scan the surface of Ma
A Colorado cattle rancher discovered a cattle mutilated on his ranch. It appeared the udders were taken off with a laser. No blood was found and alie
Billionaire real estate investor and entrepreneur Robert Bigelow of Las Vegas is now betting his bucks on MUFON to find valuable new knowledge about
The Butler Paranormal Conference is set for April 4 at the Tanglewood Senior Center in Lyndora, PA.
Malcolm Robinson, who works in the advertising department of the Observer, will be talking about three of Scotland's most famous ever UFO incidents
Did Hitler develop top-secret flying saucers? One Polish artist is looking at myths of secret Nazi technology in a new exhibition at the site where t
The Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network says 2008 was the year of the UFO, especially in Bucks County. WFMZ's Jaccii Farris has more on the network's i