Paul Smythe lives in the Herefordshire village of Sutton St Nicholas and he's seen strange lights there in the sky.
Retired management consultant Noel Schofield, of Keppel Road, said he saw the strange object when he arrived home with his wife at about 12.30am on J
The latest on the Linc, UK, UFO - Tune into
Peter Green, of Private Lane, Haslingden, reported seeing the flying objects, in a diamond formation, while he was walking his dog late at night.
A HOSPITAL porter who had a close encounter six years ago is asking other UFO spotters from the area to get in touch with him.
The truth may be out there, and it could be over the skies of Kent during Christmas following reports of mysterious UFOs.
New clear video footage of lit object in the sky above Bonnybridge in central Scotland, already known as UFO capital of Scotland, shot by sceptic who