A response to Nick Pope's document. To defend against an Alien Invasion we must develop psychic powers in Man and think from the Spiritual Realm which is cause and has 100% of the power over the mater
UFO Digest reporter Jerrye Barre recalls "WHAT IT WAS LIKE IN THE 1950s: WAITING FOR "THE FLYING SAUCERS" and "Creatures from Outer Space!""
Jim Marrs announces the release of his new book -> Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing US
Randy Maugans Radio host of Off Planet Radio has a strange encounter with beings, which he fears may be his from past abduction encounters
The recent appearance of unidentified black cubes in the sky over Texas compared to Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.
the story of a UFO sighting in the early 60s over Great River on Long Island in New York
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