UFO, An Educated Inquiry | UFO and Paranormal News
I think it is safe to say that all of us have at least heard or seen things at times in our lives that defy common logic, as we know it. Things that are not commonplace in the world in which we live that leave us in a state of denial and disbelief. This was also a common factor upon early man and civilizations as well. This does not however place these incidents in the world of make-believe and it leaves us to consider the true origins of such events. In most all of my work I lean heavily upon the topic of UFO's and possible alien contact between humans, and for the record this writing will be no different, but I would like to consider another form of phenomenon that to me seems to be intertwined many times with the ongoing UFO enigma. I feel this writing is warranted simply because it is a very real possibility and an ongoing situation that many truly fail to see or acknowledge.