Strange But True Radio 10th June 2011 | UFO and Paranormal News
Hi everyone, hope you are all well? It's been abit of a tiring week for me, with little or no time off to myself.  But its all been very worthwhile.  Firstly there is the day job and going to work, then I have also been helping to support a very dear friend who sadly lost his dad last week, quite suddenly.  My sympathy and thoughts also go out to his mum and brother.  At times like this we reflect on what we have achieved so far in our lives and what we want to happen in the future.  We are a mear speck in time, but we can make a difference and touch the lives of people around us for the better.   Lets all think of how we could change our lives to help others, to make a difference, not to take glory or recognition, but to be good people and help those who need it most. This podcast is about the paranormal and things that are strange but true in the world, but it also has a spirituality context of helping those in this world and the next..... Other news about Strange But True RadioWe are trying to raise money from the show to cover costs so please donate a small amount of money by clicking on the donation button on also if all our listeners donated just $2 or £2 a year we could start doing a daily show that is my aim for the future.   If you would like to donate more that would be great.   Strange But True Blog on Amazon Kindle Also another way we are trying to raise money for the show is by charging for our very special blog on Amazon its now 99cents or 99p a month, downloadable straight to your Kindle and updated every day.  See the link on
On Strange But True Radio this week.....We have the latest news from around the world, plus Howard West the author of an ebook called The Locked Gates.  In his words, he says this is a book that answers the questions that have long perplexed the scholarly world.
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