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Hi everyone, hope you are all well?

My week has been gearing up for the Purley Festival in South London, I'm part of the team recording live bands for another podcast I produce and present on called Belief Radio which can be found at I have suddenly become a knowledge in outside broadcasts. 

Also I'm thinking of only doing this podcast twice a month, my time is very limited at the moment, but I wanted to put it out to you the listeners first.  What do you think? Perhaps if we only did the show once a week, we could make it longer?  Your thoughts to

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Coming up on Strange But True this week… On the show Dave Gilham from the Cornwall UFO Research Group talks to us about Sheep mutilations on Dartmoor.Listen by clicking the Para X Radio Player on this site or by going to talk to us directly in the chatrooms, Friday 8:30pm in the UK 3:30pm in New York.

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